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Walker Sloan


mechanical engineering • design and development

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Mechanical design and development of medical devices, specification/concept through manufacturing.
Extensive molding and machining experience. Mechanism design, low cost and/or precision. Boundary
crossing. Application of physics perspective and first principles to problem analysis. SolidWorks 2012.

The lowest cost product is that which starts down the right path. Technical feasibility is only part of choosing that path.
How do you know you have a problem?
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Consulting Engineer

Thermally Driven Inhaler
Boston Engineering Corp - Waltham, MA
  • Design/develop test system for components qualification.
  • Exhaustive research on reservoir materials.
  • Polyimide-based heater design.
  • Product design for high volume manufacture.


Consulting Engineer

Implantable/Extracorporeal Blood Pump
CIRTEC Medical Syst - East Longmeadow, MA
  • Participate in design of blood pump & motor.
  • Engineered and constructed pump prototype
  • Wall shear stress, pressure losses analysis.
  • Catheter connectors.


Consulting Engineer

Dermal Injector System
Logic Product Development - Maynard, MA
  • Design and build fully functional prototype for an automated high frequency trans-dermal injection system.


Consulting Engineer

Extracorporeal Blood Handling
Bridgemedica - Walpole, MA
  • Product design and assembly concepts.
  • Design/build test system for components in an extracorporeal blood handling device
  • Set up ultraclean assembly space.
  • Evaluate silicon fab and micro molding houses.


Consulting Engineer

Molecular Bio-Detection System
BioScale, Inc. - Cambridge, MA
  • System layout concepts.
  • Design and pilot production of fluidic interface mechanisms to a MEMS detection cartridge.


Principal Engineer

Colon Cancer Detection
EXACT Sciences Corp. - Marlboro, MA
  • Molded microplate disposables, including bonded filter plate.
  • Electrophoresis systems.
  • Molded bio sample collector/shipper.
  • o Microfluidic sample divider with two axis robot.


Consulting Engineer

Biosample Collection and Processing
Exact Laboratories Inc. - Maynard, MA
  • Microfluidic device and centrifuge.
  • Sample collector. Patented.
  • High amplitude shaker and cabinet for stool homogenization.


Consulting Engineer

Medical Device Development

P.D. Co-op, Inc. - Gorham, ME
  • Drug infusion pump system design.
  • Coil winding tool for coil with concave surface.


Principal Mechanical Engineer

PAP Smear Preparation System
GMP manufacturing

Cytyc Corporation - Marlboro, MA
  • TransCyt® filter product with bonded polycarbonate membrane. Patents.
  • Microscope slide handling system.
  • Specified interactive testing of cervical cell pools, filters, and ThinPrep® unit.
  • Robotic automation unit for cytological slides with unique safety features.


Consulting Engineer

Laser drum plotters

Optronics Corporation - Chelmsford, MA
  • Eliminated redundant positioning components
  • Solved recording drum mis-registration and drive train vibrations in four different laser drum plotter products.


Part Time Consulting Engineer

Blood Pressure Metrology Research

Seale Consulting Engineering - Gorham, ME
  • Designed, built two-axes sweeping, servo-aimed ultrasonic transducer and arterial vibrator for non-invasive blood pressure metrology, for Critikon/J&J.
  • Radial artery external pulse-force transducer incorporating an EKG device to measure blood pressure pulse wave transit time from systole to arrival of the pulse wave at the radial artery.
  • Intraocular pressure transducer design.


Wang Laboratories Incorporated - Lowell, MA


Section Manager
  • Evaluated 20 OEM magnetic and optical mass storage devices for incorporation into Wang product lines.


Principal Mechanical Engineer
  • Managed R&D program for dot matrix print heads.
  • Wrote data capture software for programmable storage oscilloscope.


Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Hired and managed mechanical design group for disk drives and components testing.


Digital Equipment Corporation - Maynard, MA


Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Designed disk drive products and servo writers, incorporating microinch accuracy transducers and actuation.


Production Engineer
  • Transferred three disk drive products from design into manufacturing.


RCA Information Systems - Marlboro, MA

Production Engineer

  • Manufacturing methods, flow, and layout for disk magnetic recording heads.
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  • Wind energy systems - bearings, blade construction.
  • Underwater habitats - film bonding, marine engineering.



MIT - Cambridge, MA

  • Bachelor of Science - Physics
  • Thesis:  Design of a gate-level computer for sports car rallying.
(Download this resumé as
a Word or PDF file.)
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