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Microscope Slide Contacting Filter:
Treatment of Six Degrees of Freedom

The slide approaches the wet filter at a small angle of upward pitch. The specification is to have the slide cease translation downward and begin to rotate in pitch and roll about the point of initial contact. Yaw rotation and any horizontal translations are prohibited.

Diagram of microscope slide contacting filter

The center of the spherical bearing lies in the lower plane of the slide at the point of initial contact.
The support structure and slide carrier assemblies move down together until initial contact.
At initial contact, the two left loose links go slack while pitch and roll rotational axes are constrained to the point of initial contact.
The spherical bearing and conical plunger permit pitch and roll rotations while prohibiting translation in both horizontal axes.
The cylindrical bearing and notch plunger, combined with the spherical bearing and conical plunger, prohibit yaw rotation.
Relative vertical translation between the support structure and the slide carrier assemblies is permitted by vertical translation of the plungers.
This relative vertical translation continues until the right-hand loose link goes slack. At that point, the slide has come into full contact with the filter membrane and has experienced no sliding motion relative to the filter.